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What is a Wine Reservation?

Whether you're a connoisseur or a mid-week sipper — or something in between — a Wine Reservation is the smartest, most cost effective way to get the very best wine deals, every time. Hand selected by experts and delivered to your door*, Wine Reservations offer flexible deliveries to suit your tastes and budgets. Plus you are always in complete control; you can pause, skip or cancel a delivery at anytime. So explore our great range of Wine Reservations today, and discover a new way to shop for wine.

Reasons to Join a Wine Reservation

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Need help selecting your Wine Reservation?

We have a dedicated Wine Reservations team ready to help, so call us on 1800 505 605 (Mon - Fri 8:30am-6:30pm and Sat 9am-5pm) or email us at



*In some outlying areas, wines will be delivered to your local agent's depot.


What is a Wine Reservation?


Why should I join a Wine Reservation


We choose the wines for you. Wine Reservation customers get priority access to the best wines in the business We would never send you anything we wouldn't drink ourselves. Discover new and exciting varieties and styles 100% money-back guarantee, with detailed tasting notes on all wines

Do I pay a membership or subscription charge?


No. You only pay for the deliveries you choose to receive

When am I charged?


You are only charged when your case is dispatched from our warehouse using the details we have on file.

When are the deliveries?


Each reservation has different delivery months. You can login online, or call the Wine Reservations Team on 1800 505 605 to find out in advance. We will also send you an email notification about a week before your next case leaves the warehouse, which gives you time to skip the delivery or make any other changes

How do I know when my case is coming?


We will send you an email notification about a week before your case is due to leave the warehouse

Do I pay for delivery?


Some Wine Reservations have a delivery fee and some are free delivery. Please visit the Wine Reservation pages for more information or give us a call on 1800 505 605. All Wine Reservation deliveries incur a handling fee of either $1.20 or $1.40 depending on your area (as do all cases sold by Cellarmasters)

How do I cancel my Wine Reservation?


Simply give us a call on 1800 505 605

How can I skip a delivery of my Wine Reservation?


You can login to your account online or give us a call on 1800 505 605 to skip a delivery

What are the additional benefits of being on a Wine Reservation?


If there are particular wines in your mixed case that you enjoy, give the Wine Reservations Team a call to find out your special Wine Reservation price

How can I change my Wine Reservation?


You can make some changes to your reservation online by logging in to your account but for more help, please give the Wine Reservations Team a call on 1800 505 605

Can I get other items sent to me with my Wine Reservation delivery?


Absolutely! Please give your Wine Reservations Team a call and they will help you by adding additional wines to your Wine Reservation delivery so that you can receive them all at once and can take advantage of free delivery if applicable. They also will be able to tell you about specials that are available exclusively to Wine Reservation customers

Can I increase or reduce the number of Wine Reservation cases sent to me?


Yes. You can do this online or give the Wine Reservations Team a call on 1800 505 605

Where do I get my tasting notes?


They will arrive in your case but you can also print them out online by visiting here (coming soon). We also provide information on your wines in each pre-delivery email