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If there are wines you simply must have in your wine rack, it's our Red, White and International Wines of the Year. Every year our tasting panel complete a rigorous tasting process selecting their top pics from hundreds of competitors. Depending on your plan, the top wines are featured in either two or four separate deliveries throughout the year: Hall of Fame, The Search, The Finalists and The Winner.​ Every Wine of the Year​ contender is selected based on character, quality, flavour, value and overall enjoyment.

How it works

Select Choose your Wine of the Year selection. Receive We'll let you know before we send each new case of wine. Enjoy Every wine tells a story. Taste and enjoy!

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Red Wine of the Year

The best of the best for an exclusive price The top reds of the year ooze excellence

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White Wine of the Year

Fragrant Savs to buttery Chardonnays all delivered to your door Don't miss out on the next search

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International Wine of the Year

There are so many amazing wines from across the world to choose from Trust us to send you outstanding imports every year

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