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St. Martin Riesling 2016
  • Classic, dry, light bodied Riesling
  • Fresh cut limes and lemon citrus
  • Perfect for everyday enjoyment

St. Martin Riesling 2016 x12


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The St. Martin label pays homage to the great celebration at the end of harvest, and this light bodied Riesling is worth celebrating. The palate has fresh cut limes and lemon citrus and a light, zesty acidity and a good length of flavour.

Wine Region


Drink Until







Turkish pide.



Pale straw with green hues shining through.


Lifted lemon sorbet aromas and floral notes abound.


Fresh cut limes and lemon citrus & light, zesty acidity and good length of flavour.


Many believe that Saint Martin truly deserves the title patron saint of wine, but for some unknown reason he has been burdened with quite the opposite - patron saint of drunkards. It is likely that his experience as a junior officer in the Roman army enabled this great Bishop of Tours to have more influence on the early cultivation of vineyards in France than any other person: wherever the Romans settled they planted vineyards and when Martin became bishop he encouraged his parish priests to follow the same practice. An apocryphal story about a diocesan visit Martin made one winter to a neighbouring parish is still told in the Loire Valley. On arrival the bishop tethered his donkey to some vines which he believed belonged to the church. When he returned the next morning he was confronted by a furious wine grower who complained that the animal had eaten all the greenery on his plants, and demanded compensation. Without hesitation Martin acquiesced. When he returned 12 months later he was accosted by the same vigneron who told him that he had experienced the finest crop ever, and it was all thanks to the donkey - which had of course accidentally invented pruning.

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