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Trebbiano Wine

Trebbiano is one of the most widely planted white wine grape varietals in the world today.

What is Trebbiano Wine?

Trebbiano is a white wine grape varietal with a rich history. There are references to Trebbiano in Italy during Roman times, and a subtype also dates back to Bologna in the thirteenth century, as well as to Avignon in France in the fourteenth century. Today it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most widely planted grape varieties in the world.


In France, Trebbiano is commonly referred to as Ugni Blanc, and its high acidity lends this varietal to being used as a base spirit in Cognac and Brandy production. It’s a hard-working grape that gives high yields which has led to its wide appeal.

Common Trebbiano Wine characteristics

Trebbiano is a refreshing, light-bodied white wine that has minimal aroma with subtle hints of lemon and stone minerality on the palate. It’s generally dry and crisp and has a fruity flavour finishing with a bitter almond note. Its easy-going qualities and medium alcohol content make it a very food-friendly wine, which is why it’s the most common varietal in Italy. The majority of Trebbiano wines are made to be enjoyed young.

Pairing food with Trebbiano Wine

Trebbiano is a versatile, food-friendly white wine that is ideal to enjoy when al fresco dining. Its easy-going qualities go well with simple foods and light lunches including white fish or pastas with light sauces. Anti pasto platters, brushetta or a selection of cheeses are also a good match for Trebbiano. It goes without saying that if you take inspiration from Mediterranean cuisine, you can’t go wrong!

Notable Trebbiano Wine regions


Approximately a third of all the wines in Italy are Trebbiano and the most common sub-varieties are: Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, Trebbiano di Aprilia, Trebbiano di Arborea, Trebbiano di Capriano del Colle, Trebbiano di Romagna and Trebbiano Val Trebbia dei Colli Piacentini and Trebbiano di Soave.


In the Abruzzo region located in Italy’s central mountainous ranges along the Adriatic Sea, the Trebbiano grape can be found across virtually the entire region. The grape grows well on sun-drenched hills that experience hot days and cool nights thanks to the moderating effect of the Adriatic Sea creating a Mediterranean climate.



In France, this grape goes by other names including Saint Emilion and Ugni Blanc. It’s found along the Provençal coast, in the Gironde and Charente, and is most commonly made into food-friendly table wines or blended wines.

The future or Trebbiano Wine

There’s no doubt Trebbiano’s popularity will continue across Europe, in particular in Italy and France. It’s exciting to see this refreshing white wine now making its way to the new world as it’s a good match for Australia’s warm climate and our relaxed approach to dining, particularly al fresco dining.

Experience authentic Italian Trebbiano

Fresh and delicious, this authentic Italian Trebbiano from Bellanova is full of crisp tropical fruit with lively acidity and fresh minerality on the finish. It's ideal for casual, al fresco dining and light meals. Whatever your tastes, you’ll want this easy-drinking southern Italian gem to join you at your next meal.


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