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There are some 600-or-so Victoria wineries, which makes Victorian wine regions the most prolific in terms of number of producers in Australia. Grape g…

There are some 600-or-so Victoria wineries, which makes Victorian wine regions the most prolific in terms of number of producers in Australia. Grape growing and winemaking has existed in Victoria since the mid-1800s, though the pest phlloxera widely damaged the Victorian wine regions and led to a decline from the 1890s until around the 1950s.


Victoria wineries are now spread across the entire state, with a huge variety of climates and styles produced from both staples such as Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, now alongside more emerging varieties, particularly from Italian origins.


Victoria wine regions are numerous and create a patchwork on the map. Victoria wine regions include famed names of Yarra Valley, Beechworth, Mornington Peninsula, Heathcote, Geelong, Rutherglen alongside lesser-known but high quality regions Goulburn Valley, Bendigo, Grampians, Macedon Ranges, Upper Goulburn, Sunbury, King Valley, Glenrowan, Murray Darling, Pyrenees, Swan Hill, Great Western, Henty, Alpine Valleys and Gippsland, to name most on the radar.

Get to Victoria

Victoria wine regions are best accessed via car, departing from Melbourne for southern, eastern and central Victoria wine districts, while Albury-Wodonga on the border of New South Wales and Victoria has a regular airline service that allows great access to northern and central Victorian wine regions.

Climate and style in Victoria

Climate and styles in Victoria wine regions vary very greatly. The Victoria wine regions surrounding Port Philip, including Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, and north of Melbourne metropolitan area, Yarra Valley, enjoy moderate to cool climate wine growing, while Heathcote, and several northern Victoria wine regions, like Rutherglen and Glenrowan, are known for warmer climates, and their associated concentrated and powerful wine styles.


Victoria wine regions map shows many continental Victoria wine regions, like Macedon Ranges, Henty and Gippsland, having long, slow, cool growing seasons, where favoured varieties like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay excel. Northern wine regions, including the vast Murray Darling and Swan Hill Victoria wine regions, are known for warm growing seasons and lower quality but high volume and affordable, generous wine styles.

Key Victoria Varietals

Victoria wine brands work with nearly all 150-plus grape varieties that are planted in Australia. Victoria wineries offer some of the greatest diversity in wine styles in all of Australia. Victoria wine regions and Victoria wineries have widely planted staples of Australian wine, including Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc, alongside varieties that are lesser-known, like Viognier, Nebbiolo and Sangiovese, amongst others.

Victoria Pinot Noir

Victoria wine regions excelling at Pinot Noir include Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, Yarra Valley, Macedon Ranges, Beechworth and Gippsland. While Pinot Noir varies in style from each region, a common thread is the restraint and finesse found from cool climate wine growing. Victoria pinot noir is typically light to medium bodied, cherry-berry fruit orientated, often shows some gentle spice, and is increasingly interesting for wines fermented with whole bunches in the fermentation, which lends herb and spice character to the wines.

Victoria Chardonnay

Victoria wine regions excelling at Chardonnay include Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, Beechworth and Gippsland, with some good examples also coming from Henty, Strathbogie Ranges and Alpine Valleys. Affordable, boldly flavoured version of Victoria wine regions Chardonnay are a staple from Murray Darling wine region.


Cool climate wine growing in Victoria wine districts has enhanced Chardonnay from Victoria wineries. Sleek, elegant wines, and now an emerging class of racy, flinty examples, have captured local and international attention, and are shaping up as one of the most important general wine styles evolving from Australia. Victoria wineries working with Chardonnay are enhancing the Australian wine image, and arguably creating Australia’s current, finest collection of wine styles.

Rutherglen fortified

Victoria wineries producing Rutherglen fortified wines have a long history, and create one of Australia’s most iconic wine styles. Victoria wine regions map shows the northern region of Rutherglen set in a warm growing region, famed for powerful red wines, and most notably for the unique, rare, aged fortifieds with their treacle thickness, rancio complexity and unctuous feel. The Rutherglen region has some of the oldest wine brands currently in production anywhere in the world. These Victoria wineries are near national treasures, as are many of their Rutherglen fortified wines.

Victoria Shiraz

Victoria wine regions producing Shiraz are numerous, but perhaps the most iconic are from Central Victoria, Beechworth and Heathcote. Central Victoria, including Pyrenees and Great Western, showcases Victoria wineries making iconic medium-bodied and peppery wine styles from Shiraz. Beechworth Victoria wineries are known for Shiraz of supple texture and great length. Heathcote produces Shiraz wines that are typically very powerful, full figured, rich and warmer in their constitution.

Victoria wineries

There are many Victoria wine regions and Victoria wineries, so narrowing the focus to a significant few is hard. That being said, such Victoria wine brands as Seppelt Great Western, Mount Langi Ghiran, Paringa Estate, Giaconda and Best’s will be familiar to most.


Other significant wineries include Kooyong/Port Phillip, Mac Forbes, Coldstream Hills, Oakrdige, Tarrawarra, Moorooduc, Eldridge Estate, Crawford River, St Hubert, Bannockburn, Ocean Eight, Yarra Yering, Yering Station, Scotchman’s Hill, Luke Lambert, Giant Steps, Innocent Bystander, Sticks, Stonier and more.

The future of Victoria

Cool climate viticulture is at a high point of interest and Yarra Yering is on fire with its recent releases. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sparkling wine is a strong agenda in Victoria wine regions, and the thrust and thirst for interesting, smaller producers is also solidifying Victoria wineries reputation. Boutique Victoria wine brands are a very important part of Victoria’s wine future.

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