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Mount Benson Wine Region

Established in 1989, and though only populated by some 15-or-so wineries, produces a significant volume of wine.

Introducing Mount Benson

Mount Benson wines are produced from the region set near Coonawarra, Wrattonbully and Padthaway wine regions. The Mount Benson wine region is considered relatively cool, and decidedly maritime influenced. The Mount Benson wine region map locates the wine growing area in the Limestone Coast zone. The region offers scenic vistas, proximity to the coast, bountiful seafood and excellent cellar door experiences. Mount Benson wines are focused on Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.

Where is Mount Benson?

Mount Benson is located on the south east coast of South Australia. It is a three hour drive from Adelaide, six hours from Melbourne and best accessed by car for exploring the region.

Black Wattle was one of the first vineyards established in Mount Benson

The Black Wattle range has been a Cellarmasters customer favourite for many years. Christine Ricketts, Cellar Director at Cellarmasters explains why. “Customers adore this range because the wines are very unique. Mount Benson is a one-of-a-kind wine region and the Black Wattle range is grown from a single vineyard to create beautiful cool climate wines.”


She adds, “Neil’s skill as a winemaker is evident in the consistency of his wines. The Black Wattle range is made with a view toward being ready to drink at release, yet have the ability to age well on cellaring, That’s why they are such crowd pleasers.”


Mount Benson Climate

The Mount Benson wine region is known for its moderate climate and ocean sea breezes. The climate is considered cool, even with warm summer days and an earlier start to the growing season than nearby Coonawarra.

Unique Characteristics of Mount Benson

Typically, Mount Benson wines are amply flavoured and ‘varietally correct’, offering distinct flavours of grapes with good intensity and concentration of flavour.

Wines to try from Mount Benson

Mount Benson wines are produced mostly and significantly from Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, creating wines of very good varietal character, depth of flavour, recognisable quality and lower price points. The Mount Benson wine region has yet to solidify a premium wine culture, but this is on the rise. Mount Benson Shiraz and Mount Benson Cabernet Sauvignon have increasing currency in the Australian wine market.


Sauvignon Blanc

Mount Benson wines produced from Sauvignon Blanc are typically imbued with intense tropical fruitiness with crisp texture. The region is also known for Sauvignon Blanc of intense grassiness and herbal character.


Mount Benson Shiraz is increasingly well known and sought after for its quality and personality, which typically shows dark fruits, peppery spice, medium weight, and a generosity from great inward concentration. Finding a Mount Benson winery working with Shiraz is easy, with most wine producers working with the variety.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Mount Benson Cabernet Sauvignon is generally rich in flavour, trimmed with fine tannin and show good concentration of black fruit, black olive and light herbal flavours and aromas. The wines are generally well matched for lavish oak usage, though some are a little over the top in this regard.


Must See Mount Benson Wineries

The Mount Benson wine region map will show a number of welcoming cellar doors with familiar names. Mount Benson wine region offers some 15 wine producers, with leading lights including Cape Jaffa with their biodynamic and natural-leaning wines, alongside regional stalwart Ralph Fowler Wines, whose collection is multi-award winning and considered the ‘premium’ offering from the region. Other wineries to watch include:


- 88 Keys

- Cape Thomas Wines

- Wehl's Mount Benson

- Frog Island Wines

- Wangolina Station

- Black Wattle (Cellarmasters exclusive)

The future of Mount Benson Wine

Mount Benson wines will increasingly be seen for their generosity yet distinct varietal character, offering drinkers a firm anchor into their favourite varieties at affordable price points. Increasing collections of premium wines from Mount Benson will also entice new wine lovers into an exploration of the region. The local crayfish is also a very distinct lure to visit Mount Benson wine region.

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