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Geographe Wine

The Geographe wine region was formally established as a wine region in 1999 and is home to some 40-odd wineries.

Introducing Geographe

The Geographe wine region is rapidly gaining a reputation for one of Western Australia’s most exciting and interesting wine growing areas. The diverse wine region is set some two hours south of Perth, bordered by Geographe Bay, and influenced by the cooling effects of the ocean.


Geographe wine region map shows a region that spans from Busselton in the south to Harvey in the north. It’s a region defined by warm but maritime climate, producing generously flavoured but seemingly elegant white and red wines. The region is gaining recognition for its Shiraz and Chardonnay, and for emerging new-to-Australian varieties.

Where is Geographe?

Geographe stretches along the Geographe Bay in the south west of Western Australia. Geographe wine region is a straight-forward two-hour drive south of Perth. The South Western Highway has enabled ease of access to the burgeoning Geographe wines WA. You can choose between a range of guided or self driven tours which will give a unique view of the diverse wine region.

Geographe Climate

Geographe wine region is a warm to hot climate region with high humidity that is strongly influenced by maritime climate and the cooling south-west ocean breezes. The Geographe wine region is typically very dry, but there is regular rainfall during winter.

Unique Characteristics of Geographe

Geographe wine region is well-known for its fuller flavoured red wines, often quite formidable in power and structure. The Geographe wine show, a well-known source for judging wines of the region, has also put Chardonnay at the forefront of consumers’ minds. Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc blends from Geographe wine region have also been noted for their quality and interest.

Wines to try from Geographe

The Geographe wine show suggests that best wines are produced from Shiraz, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon blends. The region is known for naturally producing wines of good intensity, depth of flavour and potent varietal personality. Geographe wine region is increasingly showing that smaller batches of Sangiovese, Tempranillo and other newer-to-Australia grape varieties also have a future.


Shiraz, in the Geographe wine region, has great currency. Wines produced from Shiraz tend to be bold in flavour, but soft in texture, though an increasing number of wine producers are shifting their house style to reflect more medium bodied rather than fuller bodied styles. Fruit characters for Geographe Shiraz tend to be in the cherry or red berry fruit spectrum, with hints of mint and peppery spice.


Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon

Geographe wine region produces Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon of great intensity and distinct varietal character. Sauvignon Blanc tends to be grassy and citrusy, with some warmer sites veering into tropical fruit spectrums. Semillon from Geographe wine region produces zingy, herbal wines with tangy citrus fruit character. Blends of the two grape varieties are common, producing refreshing young white wines, or with judicious oak, more complex, textural and savoury styles.

Geographe Shiraz

Must See Goegraphe Wineries

Many of the Geographe wine region producers enter the Geographe wine show to benchmark their wines, with notable wineries including:


- Big Jetty Bay

- Thompson Brook Estate

- Pepperwood Estate

- St Aidan's Fine Wine

- Henty Brook Estate

- Smallwater Estate

- Willow Bridge Estate

The future of Geographe Wine

The profile of Geographe wine region is on the rise, and the area’s bucolic setting and beachside lifestyle activities have made it an attractive place to visit, proximate to Perth. The region, bolstered by the profile of the Geographe wine show, is increasingly on the radars of wine lovers across Australia. The fine-tuning of wine styles, particularly from Shiraz and red blends and emerging grape varieties, will continue to raise the profile of the Geographe wine region, alongside associated local wine industry tourism.