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Eden Valley Wine Region

Surrounded by rolling hills and stands of ancient red gums, Eden Valley is known as the ‘Garden of Grapes and Gums’

Introducing Eden Valley

The Eden Valley is one of Australia’s foremost cool-climate wine regions. Its wines are characterised by powerful aromatics, a sense of elegance and yet inherent complexity. Eden Valley Riesling has made an indelible mark on Eden Valley vineyards, but there is a raft of varieties planted, including some of South Australia’s oldest vines.


Many people ask, is the Eden Valley in the Barossa Valley? And though the Barossa Valley is the immediate neighbour, the Eden Valley map shows a distinct region that covers an area bordered by both the Adelaide Hills and the Barossa Valley. Eden Valley vineyards are set amongst thatches of gum trees, undulating farm lands and rugged landscapes. They are tended by a growing band of dedicated wine producers, focusing on wines of finesse that the Eden Valley weather, geology and winemaking knowledge brings about.

Where is Eden Valley?

Eden Valley is located in South Australia immediately north of the capital Adelaide. Eden Valley wineries are best accessed by driving and are a mere one and a half hours from Adelaide’s CBD. Adelaide city is the closest capital city and hub to access the Eden Valley vineyards. The region is also accessible via private tours.

Eden Valley Climate

Eden Valley weather is typified by warm days and very cool nights, with long periods of sunshine during the growing season. The region is known for long and slow ripening in its cooler climate and elevated vineyard sites.


Unique Characteristics of Eden Valley

Eden Valley wines are renowned for their elegance, potency and complex flavours, with many produced from old vines. Style-wise, Eden Valley vineyards produce white wines of high aromatic profile, brisk acidity and refreshing feel. Eden Valley Shiraz is considered as the benchmark red wine variety and is reflected in medium weight, juicy fruited and fragrant wines.


Wines from Eden Valley wineries tend to be elegant, gently savoury, imbued with some herbal complexity and inwardly concentrated. The region produces wines that can be enjoyed in youth, but also will mostly cellar to mid-term, with exceptional examples long term cellaring prospects.

Wines to try from Eden Valley

Eden Valley wine is mostly a conversation about Riesling and Shiraz. That being said, Eden Valley wineries have a host of traditional and alternative varieties to work with.


Eden Valley Chardonnay has long held attention for its generosity yet brisk acid profile that feels generous on the palate and refreshing at once. Pinot Noir has had some recent appeal, though is produced in smaller volume. In the aromatic white spectrum, Pinot Gris is increasingly interesting with its lush, textural personality, yet like most Eden Valley wine, holding high natural acidity for refreshment.



The regions Riesling is world-class putting it on the international Riesling map. Eden Valley Riesling shows potent, citrusy, floral and apple aromatics, and flavours that offer great concentration, yet vibrant natural acidity. Eden Valley dry Riesling is famed for its cellaring potential, and also its drinkability when young and fresh.



Eden Valley Shiraz is also considered as Eden Valley’s other halo variety. Henschke Hill of Grace is made from a single, ancient vineyard of Eden Valley Shiraz and is considered one of Australia’s greatest wines. It is typically medium bodied, highly aromatic, very complex with layers of fruit flavour, tannin and cool acid profile. Eden Valley Shiraz is approachable in youth, but will, with best examples, cellar for decades.

Must See Eden Valley Wineries

The roll call of Eden Valley wineries is notably excellent with high profile producers like Henschke set alongside popular Eden Valley Riesling producers Pewsey Vale. While some of the best known are prolific in their wine production, there are also many smaller producer Eden Valley wines that garner attention. Look out for excellently produced wines from:

- New Eden

- Goodchild

- Dandelion Vineyards

- McLeans Farm

- The Parade

- Krondorf

The future of Eden Valley Wine

Eden Valley wines are in a great position to continue their high profile with old vines, notable varieties and high-end producers all working in favour of the region. That being said, the Eden Valley food scene is also bolstering interest, as are Eden Valley wines made from lesser-celebrated varieties.

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