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Reds to try if you like Shiraz

Take a sip on the wild side with these alternative wines

Shiraz is the most popular red wine in Australia, and what’s not to love about a fruit-forward, rich Barossa red?


However, if you would like to try something else, we’ve listed three alternative reds we’re confident every Shiraz lover will enjoy!



Pronunciation: [Sahn-jo-vay-zay]

Although a medium bodied Italian variety (whereas many Aussie Shirazes tend to be full bodied), Sangiovese has beautiful juicy, fruit flavours, lovely spiciness and subtle savoury touches, just like many cool climate Shiraz. Sangiovese also has great balance and good acidity, which makes it the perfect pairing for many dishes – try it with pizza, and thank us later!



Pronunciation: [Tem prah NEE yoh]

Tempranillo is a Spanish black grape, known primarily for its use in Rioja wines. Tempranillo will have notes of plum and cherry but it’s mostly known for its savoury, earthy characters. Tempranillo is a versatile wine that pairs with many food types, including roast lamb, lasagne and barbequed meat.


Pronunciation: [PRIM-uh-TEE-voh]

Primitivo is a variety more widely known as Zinfandel and it's a big, ripe Italian grape which is the pride of Southern Italy, particularly Puglia. A classic Primitivo is high in both alcohol and tannins, intensely flavoured and deeply coloured. Expect flavours of ripe blackberries, violets and pepper. Enjoy with a lamb roast!


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