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Are Wine Clubs Worth It?

Get access to exclusive releases & winery-only specials with a Wine Club membership.

Winelovers in Australia have more choice than ever when it comes to where to buy wine. You can visit a wine region and buy wines direct from the winemaker, carting your bottles home in the boot of the car. Or you can join any number of winery mailing lists and get access to winery-only specials.


Retail shopping provides a great way to shop for wine, whether in a local neighbourhood bottle shop or one of the large chain stores. While buying wine at a bottle shop can be fun and exciting, at the same time it can be challenging and frustrating. You could stand in front of a shelf full of your favourite wine styles and not know what to pick. That’s where Wine Clubs come in handy.


Wine Clubs like Cellarmasters were formed to connect winemakers with winelovers. This direct connection helped many winemakers, grape growers and wineries that otherwise wouldn’t have such a wide market reach. The direct connection cut out the retail link, with the end result of lower costs passed on in the form of great value wines.


Wine Clubs pool the buying power of their members to capture deals that most wine shoppers never hear about. This means that special releases, small batches, bin ends or export-only labels can be offered to Wine Club members ahead of other shoppers.


Wine Clubs know their customers. They will get to know your tastes, your preferences and the price you’re most comfortable paying. This one-to-one service means you can often find out about new-release wines or special vintages first. It’s also handy to talk to someone who knows your taste and can see your purchase history – they’re more likely to recommend wines that fit your palate.

Meet the Makers

Don't like it? Don't pay for it!

Wine Clubs will often give you a guarantee of quality. Because your purchase is recorded and on file, you have the added protection of a returns policy.


Cellarmasters offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee on every wine within its recommended drink-by date. If you’re not happy with a wine, you can let your Cellarmasters Wine Advisor know and they’ll arrange a credit to your account for the value of the bottle(s).

Connections forged on friendship

Most of the best discoveries in the wine industry are forged through friendships, connections and collaboration. Wine Clubs offer an ideal avenue for wineries to release new vintages or new wine styles to the market, often at highly competitive prices. These long-standing relationships help both the winemaker, the Wine Club and the customers.

Selected by experts

Most Wine Clubs will have a tasting panel – a group of experts who taste, assess and rate all wines, only picking the ones that make the grade. This pre-selection process is another guarantee of quality when you shop with a Wine Club. Knowing that every wine has passed the test of the toughest panels is a great guarantee of quality, taste and style.

No heavy lifting

Rather than having to pack and cart your own wines home, Wine Clubs offer the convenience of home or offie delivery, usually for a nominal competitive delivery charge. This brings the security of being able to trace your order while it’s in transit, and also guarantees that you’re covered should your order go missing or get damaged in transit.

Too much choice, not enough time?

Ask your Wine Club about regular delivery plans. This is a great way to get frequent deliveries (usually every two or three months) of a case of wine. You choose the style, colour preference and price and the Wine Club does the rest, choosing a new range of wines for each new delivery. Most Wine Clubs will give you flexible delivery options with the ability to skip deliveries should you find yourself with too much wine at any one time.


Wine Clubs aren’t the domain of stuffy wood-panelled rooms and cigar smoking wine snobs. They’re outlets for winelovers seeking great value, guaranteed quality and the excitement of new wine discoveries. Give one a try and treat your palate to a new world of wine.