White Wine of the Year 2016 - the Winner

It's here! This year's search has produced a winner and we couldn't be happier.

Franklin Tate - The Winemaker

Franklin Tate began his love affair with winemaking in 1987 and has since won the Most Outstanding Red Wine in the World at the International Wine Challenge... twice!




This talent for winemaking runs in the family, his father John Tate co-founded Evans & Tate and the family has played a significant role in putting Margaret River on the wine map - not just in Australia but also throughout the world. Working together, Tate father and son built a reputation by crafting superb Margaret River wines.


With Margaret River soil is on his boots and winemaking in his blood, Franklin has returned to his roots of making handcrafted wines producing this outstanding Sauvignon Blanc.

Why You'll Love It

When wine lovers think of Sauvignon Blanc from this part of the world, it's often, and with good reason, that many people look to New Zealand. But there's something special happening with West Australian wines and Franklin Tate, always the innovator, is part of that.


Opening on the nose with immediately moreish fruit, this Sauvignon Blanc goes way beyond just simple passionfruit. Note the complex line of citrus that develops into fresh cut grass. Enough sniffing, get to sipping! You'll discover swaggering, vibrant flourishes of varietal fruit, some fresh lime, lemongrass and a dusting of dried herbs that gives this Sauvignon Blanc some serious character. The finish is crisp with a keened acidity that will leave your mouth watering.

Margaret River - The Region

The team at Cellarmasters loves Margaret River wines. This powerhouse of premium Australian wine consistently punches way above its weight domestically and on the international stage. The region is hardly a bulk producer yet it produces 20% of Australia's premium wines.


Thanks to both incredible, visionary winemakers - amongst which the Tate family name features prominently - and enviable growing conditions, the region consistently delivers on its enormous promise. Similar in climate to Bordeaux - the heat from the long, warm days is balanced by the cooling influence of the Indian Ocean - French varietals such Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Cabernet Sauvignon thrive in Margaret River.

How To Enjoy

Chilled, obviously, but not overly so. Aim for 10 degrees or 45 minutes in the fridge.


Once you get the temperature just right look to the tiger prawn. The smack of fruit on the palate from the Sauvignon Blanc is a winning combination with the meaty crunch of fresh tiger prawn. The flavours and texture of the crustacean receive a delightful lift from the line of citrus while the finish has mouth-watering freshness that will have you reaching for prawn after prawn. You'd better stock up. 

Franklin Tate Alexanders Reserve Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc 2016

A Sauvignon Blanc? Not from Marlborough? Yes! Australian fans of Rugby Union and Sauvignon Blanc can empathise with one another as the dominance from across the ditch can be a bit of a sore subject. Here, however, is a shining light from Margaret River, the jewel in Australia's wine crown. Elegant, yet vibrant and fresh, this regional Sav shows poise with a sublime varietal flavour profile.

Wine Reservations from Cellarmasters

For over 20 years, Reservations have been incredibly popular. A favourite way for our customers to buy wine, Reservations showcase exceptional products at the very best prices. Flexible and the best value, they are also a great opportunity to try something new and discover a story in every wine. Tailored to your specific tastes, shipped regularly - at a pace that suits you - with no lock-in contracts, Reservations are simply the best way to buy from Cellarmasters.


Franklin Tate 'Alexanders Reserve' Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc 2016.

It's here! This year's search has produced a winner and we couldn't be happier. The unanimous choice from our Tasting Panel was the Franklin Tate 'Alexanders Reserve' Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc 2016. The name is quite a mouthful and the wine certainly matches up. While this is absolutely one for Sauvignon Blanc stalwarts it is also perfect for anyone who truly appreciates expressive, regional wines and cultured winemaking craft.


As always, our search centered on quality - it's at the heart of what Cellarmasters is all about.


We also look for premium fruit used to make the wine as well as influence of the winemaker's hand - the craft and skills used to get the very best out of the fruit. Value is always an essential consideration and you won't find a better price on the Winner than through our White Wine of the Year Reservation. This year, though the competition was reassuringly strong, our Tasting Panel agreed that the Franklin Tate 'Alexanders Reserve' Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc 2016 deserved to top the podium.

The Tasting Panel

With decades of experience between them, wine educator Christine Rickets and award-winning winemakers Gwyn Olsen and Nick Badrice have searched for wine from across Australia and New Zealand.


Our Tasting Panel has the difficult of tasting and judging hundreds of wines in 2016. Chaired by Nick, the Tasting Panel chose six very strong contenders before deliberating on the Winner. In the end, the decision was unanimous. 


“We’ve tasted some great wines this year but the winner was clear. A Margaret River Sav Blanc? Fantastic!”

– Christine Ricketts, Cellar Director & Tasting Panel Member

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