What wines are our staff loving now?

Catch up with Peter, James and Fiona to find out.

They work for Cellarmasters but they're also our customers. These three insiders give their preferences after an enjoyable tasting session, where they discussed their favourites and we got to the bottom of why these bottles in particular made the cut. Read on for our staff picks!

1. Peter – Wine Advisor

Wine of choice: Ribbon Hills Marlborough Pinot Gris 2016

Random Fact: About 30 years ago, Peter wrote a documentary on the Tasmanian wine industry while it was still in its infancy.


Peter has an interest in wine that dates back a long way. Around 30 years ago Peter wrote a documentary about the then little-known wine region of Tasmania. For his wine, Peter has picked another cool-climate superstar in Marlborough. The Ribbon Hills shows a nose of Packham pear skin with some floral notes. The palate that follows is full of pear and apple, with subtle herbaceous hints. A great pick from Peter! You could even say that Peter picked a Packham pear Pinot.


His thoughts on the Ribbon Hills Marlborough Pinot Gris:

“It's quite minerally. Nicely chilled, I'd pair this with a couple of people and a mountain of oysters. Seafood is the obvious choice but specifically oysters, molluscs or pipis ... and prawns too!”

Peter – Wine Advisor

James – Business Development

2. James – Business Development

Wine of choice: Dovetail Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2015

Random Fact: By name and by nature his middle name is Tallent.


James has been part of the team for four years and loves to discover new wines through Cellarmasters. He says he likes to try new styles but that he doesn't like Pinot Gris before trying Peter's Ribbon Hills during a tasting and saying "oh, that's quite nice actually."


James picked Dovetail Chardonnay, a very clever wine from the Yarra Valley. It balances on the line between old and new, with something for the classic Chardy drinker as well as those who crave something more contemporary. White peach on the nose and palate is followed by nectarines and cashew nut characters that hang on a crisp line of acidity that runs through the lingering finish.


His thoughts on the Dovetail Yarra Valley Chardonnay:

"Definitely getting some of those autolytic (yeast) characters. Really well balanced, this will suit those who like a more traditional style but it also has enough fruit to suit those who like the more modern style. Really well balanced and approachable, and it would suit a garlicky, cheesy pasta dish.”

3. Fiona – Partnerships

Wine of choice: Di Fabio McLaren Vale Grenache Shiraz 2014

Random Fact: She has two pet Cavoodles named Roxy and Pepper.


Fiona has worked with cellarmasters for around 17 years so it's no surprise we asked for her staff pick. A card-carrying member of the ABC (anything but Chardonnay) club, Fiona prefers her wines to show good fruit and character, hence her choice of Di Fabio McLaren Grenache Shiraz. If a delicious, red berry profile is your cup of tea (or glass of wine) then listen to Fiona, she knows what she's talking about. 


Her thoughts on the Di Fabio Grenache Shiraz:

“Really pleasant, it's quite light but you can really taste the berries. It's abundant in berries. I wouldn't pair it with, big thick steak. Instead I’d go for a mushroom risotto or it would be nice with a tuna steak too.”