Redemption Wines

When winemaking and art meet

Whether seen as an outlaw or a folk hero, few would dispute Ned Kelly's fame and his presence in Australian history. He captured the imagination and support of the people for daring to defy authority and demanding justice for the poor. He also captured the imagination of Australian painter Sidney Nolan, who began painting his Ned Kelly series in the 1940s. Nolan strived to capture the story of Kelly's folk heroism as well as the Australian landscape.


Born in Melbourne in 1917, he is one of the greatest contributors to the Australian Modernist art scene. Nolan began his artistic career in the 1940's and was part of a collective of Australian artists called the Angry Penguins, an Australian literary and artistic avant-garde movement. The 'Ned Kelly' series of 27 paintings follow the sequence of events in Kelly's life, including his escapes, shootings of various law enforcers and his subsequent trial. These paintings also gave Nolan a way to portray the Australian landscape as part of the Ned Kelly and connect his story to the land. They have been a part of the National Gallery of Australia's collection since 1977.


As tribute to both artist and bushranger, Redemption Wines has released special edition bottles that feature these iconic paintings, featuring 'Death of Sergeant Kennedy at Stringybark Creek' and 'The Trial'. The philosophy of Redemption Wines is to provide wine lovers with an authentic taste of the Australian experience, both in and on the bottle and bring attention to some lesser-known winemaking regions. 

Redemption Wines believe these paintings played a large part in redeeming the image of Ned Kelly from outlaw to Australian folk hero.


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