Red Wine of the Year

History. Pedigree. Power. Glory.

The must-have stop on your wine journey

It’s no secret that red wine is an Australian favourite or that we produce some of the greatest in the world. In that spirit, the Cellarmasters Red Wine of the Year Reservation brings you the most outstanding red wines of quality and value.


For over twenty years we’ve painstakingly sought to bring you Australia’s best reds. The award is now both a tradition and an integral part of the wine journey for thousands of our customers.


Without fail, the winning wine that receives this coveted title and those that make the finalists list become bestsellers. That’s why it’s so important to be part of our Red Wine of the Year Reservation – it’s the only way you can be guaranteed of a case.


When you’re part of our Red Wine of the Year Reservation, you’ll get to experience these premium wines across two deliveries – one in March and another in June.

A rich history featuring some of Australia’s best red wine brands

One of the reasons our Red Wine of the Year is our most popular Wine Reservation and a customer favourite is its rich history. Our Cellar Director and Tasting Panel member, Christine Ricketts, has been with Cellarmasters for over twenty years and can attest to the exceptional quality of these outstanding reds.



Our past winners list reads like a red carpet who’s who of the wine industry: Dolan, Krondorf, Hardys, Tyrell’s, Black Wattle, Riddoch, Duval, Bleasdale, Vasarelli, Saltram and more. You can trust that when you’re part of our Red Wine of the Year you’re in good company! See the full winners list here.

How the Red Wine of the Year Reservation works

“Each year I’m extremely proud to share these exceptional wines with our Red Wine of the Year Wine Reservation customers. It’s a truly outstanding selection of wines that stand in a class of their own.” Christine Ricketts, Tasting Panel Member & Cellar Director.


Our Red Wine of the Year Reservation guarantees you’ll get to experience these very special wines. By joining the reservation, you’ll receive a case of the Finalists in March and a case of the Winner in June each year. There’s no joining or cancellation fees, you’re simply adding your name to our list.


Once your name is on the Reservation, there’s nothing else you need to do. You’ll receive a notification 2 weeks prior to each delivery and if you choose, you can skip or cancel any delivery online or over the phone by the date detailed in your pre-delivery email.


This ensures these outstanding red wines will be delivered to your door at the best price. Given there’s only limited stock of these wines and they are always in high demand, it also guarantees you won’t miss out.

Join the Red Wine of the Year Reservation

It only takes a few minutes and by putting your name on the list it will ensure you’ll be experiencing the year’s best reds. You can join online here or call 1800 505 605 to speak to one of our friendly Wine Advisors.