Christine Ricketts

Christine has been a pillar of the Cellarmasters community for the past 25 years, both as educator and our wine expert.

Meet Christine Ricketts Wine Educator for Cellarmasters and beyond.

Christine has been a pillar of the Cellarmasters community for the past 25 years, both as educator and our resident wine expert. Her qualifications as a wine educator are second to none, being a Wine Spirits Education Trust (WSET) qualified teacher and a graduate of the famous Roseworthy Campus, arguably the finest wine education course in the country.


Part of Christine’s remit has been educating every new Cellarmasters staff member, so that they are better able to recommend wines. Anyone who has attended our Meet the Makers events in the past will no doubt have crossed paths with Christine on the night, as she wanders from stand to stand helping with pouring, in between running her own education sessions.


More about Christine

After graduating as a nurse, Christine travelled the globe and ended up working in a wine bar in London. It was there (through encouragement from her boss!) that she discovered she had a natural palate for wine. With this newly discovered talent, Christine returned to Australia to begin her wine journey.


She started by working at the cellar door of the famous Saltram winery in the Barossa Valley, then for Charlie Melton and Leasingham while attending the Winemaking course at the Roseworthy Campus. It was while at Roseworthy that she met her mentor, the famed Barossa grower Marcus Schultz. In Christine’s words, “his drive and passion ignited my own.”

Why Cellarmasters?

After much chasing, Cellarmasters finally got Christine on board as Wine Educator. The Cellar Director at the time (Terry Davis) thought her knowledge, enthusiasm and practical experience would make her the ideal person to lead wine education within the company.


Signed by Christine Ricketts

For over 30 years, Cellarmasters has tasted, selected and delivered consistently great wines at an incredible value. As Wine Educator, Christine tastes our wines, guides and educates our teams on the wines we sell and is responsible for staying on top of regional and taste trends. Christine's signature is a personal commitment to the quality of the wine you buy from Cellarmasters.

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