Ben Copeman-Hill

As GM, Ben is responsible for all operations at Cellarmasters with a particular focus on the customer experience.

Meet Ben Copeman-Hill General Manager for Cellarmasters

As General Manager, Ben is responsible for all operations at Cellarmasters with a particular focus on the customer experience. Before joining Cellarmasters Ben worked for McWilliam's, one of Australia's greatest wine brands, and prior to that for the PLB group, a wine and beer importer in the UK.


Since 2013, Ben has held several leadership roles with Cellarmasters, along the way learning about this Australian success story. After making a significant contribution to the business, in 2015 Ben moved into the role of General Manager.

More about Ben

Ben's focus and foundation in life is his family. As a husband and father of four boys, balancing his commitment to work and family can be difficult but, for Ben, is absolutely essential. Ben's own understanding of this challenge has had a ripple effect throughout the team at Cellarmasters. Leading by example, the customer experience gurus, sales guns and wine obsessives who report to Ben look to find satisfaction in balancing life in and outside of work.   


Ben's wine story

In an industry of wine lovers, critics, aficionados and obsessives, Ben's obsession is customer experience. A self-confessed customer experience nerd, Ben's wine story isn't a single great eureka moment, rather it's made up of all those times when customers call to simply say 'thank you.'

Why Cellarmasters?

Working directly with large businesses was a great experience but for Ben it always comes back to the customer. Cellarmasters has a great customer base, wonderful wines and a strong heritage. Cellarmasters offered Ben a chance to get closer to customers to fuel his passion for customer experience. Ben Copeman-Hill's is now driving the way we, at Cellarmasters, continue to serve our customers.

Signed by Ben Copeman-Hill

The driving force behind Ben’s career is the belief that success follows when you put your customer first. For 14 years in the wine industry Ben has been serving customers by making sure that wine lovers access their passion with the best service possible. Ben has a ‘hands-on’ approach at every level of the business. His signature is a guarantee of his commitment to providing you the best customer service possible whenever you engage your passion for wine with Cellarmasters.


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