How to match wines with your BBQ

It’s barbeque season, but how do you pair your favourite meat or veggies with wine?

“Barbequing adds beautiful smoky flavours to food, so when choosing a wine, you need to take both the protein of your choice and the additional flavours of the cooking into consideration,” said our Cellar Director Christine Ricketts.


Here, Christine suggests the ideal wine to go with your favourite barbequed food this summer.

Burgers & Shiraz

A big reds like a Barossa Shiraz goes brilliantly with burgers, because the generous fruit flavours balance the saltiness of the meat, while the spiciness of the wine add complex flavours to the pairing.


Wine to try: Mum’s Block Barossa Shiraz

Meaty Fish & Nero D'Avola

If a meaty fish such as tuna steak or salmon is your pick of protein, try pairing it with Nero D’Avola, a savoury, soft red wine full of fruit and fresh acidity, which complement the muscularity of the fish.


Wine to try: Archway Fleurieu Peninsula Nero D’avola 2015

Lamb & Cabernet Sauvignon

The mint and herb flavours of a Cabernet Sauvignon, particularly from the Coonawarra region in South Australia, make the red wine the ultimate pairing with lamb - especially if you’re serving the meat with a traditional mint sauce.


Wine to try: Riddoch E.k. Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Pork & Pinot Noir or Pinot Gris

Salty, flavourful grilled pork has the perfect match in Pinot Noir, as the delicate red wine with characteristically mushroomy, dark berry and smoky flavours elevate the essences of the meat. If you prefer white wine, the pear components of a Pinot Gris (thought to be a mutation of the red Pinot Noir grape) balances the saltiness of the pork.


Wine to try: Riversdale Estate Grown Tasmania Pinot Noir 2015

Snags & Rosé

Sausages – especially if they are spicy – are best enjoyed with a dry Rosé, as the acidity will balance the meaty, fatty flavours and counter the spiciness. If you prefer red wine, a medium bodied Merlot is the ultimate choice, as the flavour won’t be too overpowering.


Wine to try: Krondorf Growers Barossa Grenache Rosé 2017

Prawns & Riesling

Fresh, light whites go well with almost any kind of grilled seafood but for the ultimate pairing, try a crisp Australian Riesling with grilled prawns or calamari. The wine’s zingy and crisp citrus flavours will balance the delicate meat.


Wine to try: Mockingbird Hill Skilly Block Single Vineyard Clare Valley Riesling 2015

Ribs & Mataro

The nice, bold dark berry fruit flavours of a Mataro offers a lovely sweetness to balance the chariness of the ribs. Go for a full flavoured and intense Barossa Mataro with fine tannins for the ideal match.


Wine to try: Stefano De Pieri Barossa Mataro 2016

Steak & Bold Reds

If you’ve got steak on the grill, enjoy it with a bold Barossa Shiraz or McLaren Vale Cabernet. Wines from warm climates are made from fruit that are rich, ripe and have a sweetness to them, which will perfectly balance the savoury flavours of the meat.


Wine to try: Shark’s Block McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Chicken & Chardonnay

A non-oaked or a lightly oaked Chardonnay works well with grilled chicken, as the lovely ripe fruits of the wine let the subtle and more gentle flavours of the meat really shine.


Wine to try: Black Wattle Mt Benson Chardonnay 2016

Grilled Portabello Mushroom & Shiraz

Grilled mushrooms have the meaty quality of a steak, so a cool climate Shiraz with beautiful forest flavours will elevate the earthiness of the mushrooms while the wine’s sweet fruit flavours add balance.


Wine to try: Redemption Canberra Shiraz 2015