Grape success for Stefano de Pieri & Chalmers

Stefano de Pieri partners with Chalmers to expand wine range with more Italian alternative varieties

Aussie winemakers and grape growers are experiencing ‘molto bene’ success with Italian wine varieties.


Although Prosecco might be leading the way for the Italian wine wave, alternative varieties such as Fiano and Sangiovese are increasingly popular among Aussie wine lovers. According to our sales data, Italian varieties have had a 132% increase in the last 12 months.

“For Italians, food and wine go hand in hand, so Italian wines tend to be food friendly with beautiful textures and refined flavours that are not too overpowering,” said celebrity chef Stefano de Pieri, who has a popular, namesake Italian-style wine range.


Early this year, the Mildura-based chef expanded his range with a Nero d’Avola and Fiano.


“This Fiano is a beautiful, medium bodied white wine which is perfect for drinking even in cooler months, while the Nero d’Avola is a medium bodied red wine with lovely red berry flavours,” he said.

The Italian born chef has made the wines in collaboration with his long-time friends the Chalmers, Australia’s most famous alternative varieties grape growing family. The grapes for the wines were sourced from the family’s Merbein Vineyard in Murray Darling.


“The Murray Darling district has a hot and dry climate, so my parents took an interest in growing Italian varieties because Italy has a similar climate. Basically, our recipe for success has been to find the right varieties and grow them in the right region, and thus raising the quality of the wine,” said Kim Chalmers, Director or Chalmers Wines.

The Chalmers started importing vines from Italy in the late 1990s, and the popularity of the more than 50 different Italian varieties they have grown has been steadily increasing, especially over the last decade.


“Italian varieties have become popular because wine drinkers are looking for diversity, and there is a high demand for textural whites and light-bodied reds, which happens to be a fitting description for many Italian varieties,” Kim explained.


Stefano and the Chalmers family have been friends since the 1990s. The friendship started with a shared passion for great, fresh produce, and evolved with a mutual passion for alternative wine varieties.

In 2001, Stefano and Chalmers patriarch Bruce along with the late Rod Bonfiglioli launched the first Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show in Mildura. Only 27 wines were submitted in 2001. Last year, over 800 wines competed for the coveted wine awards – a testament to the increase in popularity of alternative varieties.


Stefano, who has studied wine in his motherland Italy, has an entire food-friendly Italian and Mediterranean inspired wine range with us. His award-winning wines are also served at his namesake famous restaurant Stefano’s in Mildura’s Grand Hotel. Here are his two newest additions to our exclusive Stefano de Pieri range:

Stefano de Pieri Merbein Vineyard Nero d'Avola 2017

This medium bodied red wine has bright red berry flavours with a fine tannin finish.


View it here


Stefano de Pieri Merbein Vineyard Fiano 2017

This medium bodied white wine has vibrant flavours of fresh lemon and pear, balanced with tight, zippy acids and a long crisp finish.


View it here