Say Hello To BYO Finder App

Finding the perfect BYO restaurant near you will never be easier with our app!


We here at Cellarmasters love wine (obviously) and finding the perfect pairing for our favourite tipples. But what’s the point of having this amazing collection of wine at home and then paying restaurant prices when eating out either locally or while on holiday?


We have the ideal solution, our BYO Finder app, available now on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Let’s break down the reasons why this app will be the ultimate saviour for all those wishing for an epic night of wining and dining.

It’s Free

The app is free to download from either the Apple app store or the Google Play Store. It includes zero advertisements and is only interested in helping you find the ideal BYO restaurant near you. The BYO Finder App is also free for restaurants to be included in the app and helps users locate BYO restaurants via a GPS map.

It Features Over 3,000 Restaurants Australia-wide

And that’s just the beginning! At launch, the app will have approximately 3,200 restaurants loaded into its database. However, we encourage all users to submit their favourite BYO restaurants if they aren’t already included so everyone can enjoy a great BYO night out. That way we can all master our wine and food journey by creating the ultimate restaurant finder app in Australia.

It Recommends a Food Pairing

Say you have an excellent Rosé at home, but you aren’t sure what to pair with it, click through a similar wine on the app and see the various food pairings it will suggest and then discover a BYO near you to fit your purposes.

Explore & Learn

The app is not only an amazing tool to help find a BYO restaurant and select the ideal wine pairing, but it also includes a treasure trove of informative articles for users to learn more about their favourite drops and food pairings.

It’s Easy To Use

According to technology expert and wine aficionado Geoff Quattromani, the app is as user-friendly as it is useful.
“The app experience is a simple one; finding places near me is handy, but the app will be even more useful if I was not in my neighbourhood. And once I find the restaurant, it is easy to call and book, and then single tap within the app to get an Uber to get there,” he said.
“The guidance in the app around cuisine and wine matching is great, as you will be able to turn up to the restaurant knowing the wine you brought is welcome, fits into their menu and you and your friends will love the perfect pairing,” he added.

It Available Now For Download

The app is available now on the Google Play store and the Apple App Store. Download now and let us know what you think!