Black Wattle Award Winners

Cellarmasters Black Wattle, have scooped 2 prestigious awards at the 16th annual International Cool Climate Wine Show.

Cellarmasters exclusive Black Wattle medal winners

The International Cool Climate Wine Show was established in 2000 and is held every year in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. The show offers a platform to highlight the benchmark wine styles grown in premium cool climate regions across Australia and internationally.


The 16th International Cool Climate Wine Show was held in May 2016 with the panel of nine judges chaired by winemaker Meg Brodtmann (Master of Wine).


Among some of Australia and the world’s finest cool climate wines, Black Wattle Mt Benson scooped two prestigious awards. Black Wattle Mt Benson Shiraz 2013 won a Gold medal, and Black Wattle Mt Benson Icon Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 won a Trophy and Gold. This is testament to the quality of the cool-climate wines produced by Black Wattle, exclusively for Cellarmasters.


Black Wattle winemaker Neil Doddridge was thrilled with the win, saying that Black Wattle is the “pinnacle of all the winemaking I’ve done in 40 years.”


The Black Wattle site, within the geographical indicator of Limestone Coast, is located on the terra rossa soils of Mt Benson, 340km from Adelaide. The Black Wattle vineyard is only three kilometres from the Southern Ocean, with a maritime climate that helps vines cool down at night, able to withstand the heat of summer days. This high diurnal temperature variance is a key to the quality of wines produced by Black Wattle. Located in a basin, the vines are protected from the harsh winds that hit the coast after blowing in from Antarctica.


The Gold medal-winning Black Wattle Mt Benson Shiraz 2013 is a favourite of Neil’s. “This doesn’t look like a Barossa, McLaren Vale or Clare Valley Shiraz,” he says, holding a glass of the intensely vibrant purple wine up to the light. “It’s unique – a single-vineyard, cool-climate Shiraz that will keep for a long time.


The Trophy and Gold-winning Black Wattle Mt Benson Icon Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 is the style that Neil Doddridge loves. “I love my Cabernets and this one is so typical of the variety; if anyone asks you what Cabernet should taste like, this is the wine to show them.” With herbal blackcurrant characters and hints of sage, there’s a lot going on in this wine.


Before each year’s harvest, Neil carefully monitors the vineyard waiting for the the perfect time to pick the grapes. He’ll even consider the phase of the moon – in a full moon the grapes will take up more water which can dilute flavours, so Neil will make sure everything’s aligned before starting the harvest. The results of such an attentive approach can be tasted in every glass of Black Wattle wine.


These awards from the International Cool Climate Wine Show further cement Black Wattle Vineyards as one of Australia’s finest cool-climate wines, available exclusively at Cellarmasters.


“Black Wattle is the pinnacle of all the winemaking I’ve done in 40 years.”

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