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Since 1982, wines made exclusively for Cellarmasters have won over 4,000 wine show medals.

Wine show medals - why they're your guarantee of quality

Winning a medal or Trophy is a pretty big deal for most winemakers. Here’s why they’re so highly prized.


As a rule of thumb, less than 30% of all wines entered in a wine show will end up winning an award. The most prized are the Trophies and Gold, which are also the scarcest!


In nearly all shows the wines are judged in classes categorised by style, variety and vintage, which helps create a level playing field. The wines are tasted "blind" by a panel of independent judges (made up of leading winemakers and wine experts).

Each judge awards scores out of 20 or 100 points, which are then tallied to arrive at a final number. Bronze medals awarded to all wines scoring between 15.5 and 17 points (85-89), Silver medals to all wines scoring 17 to 18.5 (90-95), and Gold medals to all wines scoring 18.5 and above (96 points or over).


There are usually more Bronze medals awarded than Silvers, and usually even fewer Gold. Trophies are then awarded to the very best wines in the show, which means only Gold medal winners are eligible.


So when a wine wins a medal you know it’s got to be good – and likely among the very best in its class.

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