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Introducing the new Avon Brae labels – high quality wines from high Eden

Introducing the new Avon Brae labels - high quality wines from high Eden

Avon Brae was one of the original properties established in the Eden Valley in the mid 1840s. At the time Eden Valley was considered wild and remote, but today the same rugged and beautiful area is regarded as one of Australia's pre-eminent high altitude wine regions.

Proof of this quality is in every Avon Brae wine, and has been for many decades. Their flagship Shiraz is sought after by collectors and Shiraz aficionados across the country, while famous winemakers such as Julie Montgomery of Tolley, along with Matt Reimann of Mockingbird Hill, have turned their hand to producing exemplary cool climate wines under the Avon Brae label.  

But it is Nick Badrice (of Krondorf fame) who, more than anyone, has taken this label from strength to strength over the past fifteen years, winning countless wine show medals and awards.

We are thrilled to unveil Avon Brae’s new range of exquisite Eden Valley wines. They represent a great way to experience the Avon Brae quality for a fraction of the price.

Eden Valley - the garden winemaker's love to play in

Located in the Barossa Ranges, the Eden Valley is one of the most cherished areas in Australia for premium wine production. With an elevation of 460 metres, this pristine region – first planted to the vine in 1847 – is home to some of the oldest Riesling and Shiraz vines in the world.  

The cool climate, ancient soils and later ripening conditions mean that Eden Valley wines are distinctive in their character with wonderful elegance, complexity and finesse. Many good judges claim that the Eden Valley is the cool-climate Barossa, with which it shares its western boundary. The region is home to fifth and sixth generation grape growers, with a focus on sustainability and authenticity.

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