Cellarmasters 35th Anniversary!

The year was 1982, and a simple vision of sharing our passion for wine with the rest of Australia was born.

About Us

It was 35 years ago when it all began

Many years ago four people with a passion for wine turned a key and unlocked a small office above a real estate agency in Bondi Junction. With a creak of the door Cellarmasters was officially open for business. The year was 1982, and a simple vision had brought these four together: to share their passion for wine with the rest of Australia.

Of course, much has happened since then

Australian wine has stormed onto the world stage. We’ve continued to grow in numbers, and after 35 years we’ve managed to stay true to that original vision. Not only are we one of Australia’s first direct wine retailers, we’re also one of the biggest. Thirty five years is an incredible milestone and we couldn’t have got here without so many loyal and passionate customers. Our way of saying thanks is by always providing them with the very best wines and the best service in the business.

Where are we now?

A huge part of our success is thanks to the friendships we’ve forged with the best winemakers and growers in the Southern Hemisphere – it’s these relationships that guarantee you’ll enjoy great quality wine every time. Equally satisfying is the role we’ve played in the wine journeys of so many people – we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of wine loving Australians navigate the path as their needs and tastes change.


We source wines directly from the winery or vineyard concerned. So you get direct access to great wines at great prices – straight from our cellar in the heart of the Barossa Valley. No matter where customers live in Australia, we’ll get their wine to them quickly and efficiently.

Our people

They’re a great bunch. And like you, they love wine… and quality of service. Every one goes through extensive wine training covering everything from wine history, manufacture, varietals, regions and more. They also have regular tastings of new wines so they stay up to date. This means when you call and talk with a Cellarmasters Wine Advisor they’ll have the answers to your questions, and if they don’t know, they’ll find out.

Wine... wonderful wine

Take a wander through our website and you’ll see we have lots of wine. Some you’ll know – the big brands and favourite labels you see everywhere. Others will be new to you. These ones are exclusive to Cellarmasters, and are small parcels of boutique wines sourced directly from individual wineries and independent growers. This means you can discover great wines you would otherwise not be exposed to.

Fantastic deals

Being a Cellarmasters customer means you always have access to great wines at honest prices. We work hard to bring you fantastic wine deals – just take a look at the latest offers on this website and you’ll see what we mean. And if (in the incredibly unlikely situation) nothing takes your fancy, jump on the phone for a chat with one of our Wine Advisors.