Meet the makers

Stefano de Pieri wines, Mildura

A celebrated chef, author, raconteur and TV presenter, Stefano de Pieri is passionate about simple, fresh food.

Stefano de Pieri promotes the benefits of fresh, locally grown produce and is deeply interested in the social, cultural and environmental factors that shape communities. Stefano is a Murray River Tourism ambassador and a member of the Slow Food Movement, an international association that promotes wine and food culture.


Stefano is not only an award-winning chef, he’s also a winemaker with a love of alternative and Italian varieties that marry perfectly with his traditional Italian cooking. He believes that good food doesn’t need to be complicated to satisfy. Simple fresh produce paired with great wine and fantastic company are all the ingredients you need for the perfect evening.


A lifelong love of food and wine

Stefano de Pieri's passion for the Mildura region in Victoria, combined with his love of food and wine led him to create his own label, Stefano de Pieri wines. These are made in a style that’s balanced, light and savoury. Innovative, they are made with mostly alternative European-style varieties and are treated sympathetically: oak never dominates while alcohol levels are always moderate.

Australian wines with Italian passion

The Murray River provides the food and wine that nourishes and enriches the life of Stefano’s family and friends. Stefano de Pieri wines, made in a light, easy-drinking Italian style, reflect these simple, but fundamental things that are important to living a rich and balanced life. They are created to complement food and encourage conversation at the table – in true Italian style. Ideally matching his vision of good food, fine wine and great company.

Meet Stefano de Pieri

Winemaking History

After working as a public servant for some years he moved to Mildura where necessity made him a chef. In Stefano's new career he reacquainted himself with wine which he had briefly studied in Italy. He ran a successful restaurant for many years, made some TV programs at the very beginning of the TV food revolution and got many awards for his work. Besides producing wines, Stefano is now the new owner of the Mildura Brewery where he is extending his understanding of craft beer.

At Home with Stefano

Stefano has created a range of tantalising recipes made with simple ingredients that match perfectly with (and also made with) his exceptional wines. Whether you are a pro in the kitchen or a novice with a spatula, these recipes are guaranteed to impress your dinner guests. We have recipes for his Risotto al Prosecco, Potato Gnocchi in Butter and SageMozzarella in CarrozzaLeftover Frittata, and Egg and Celery Heart Salad all with matching wines from his range.

Stefano’s favourite wine moment

“Drinking flagons of Barolo at a friend’s place in Alba (Piedmont) whilst his mum was cooking traditional food of the area with mountains of truffles from their own property. It was what they naturally do there at their farm houses.”

Winemaking philosophy

1. Good fruit from my region to express varietal character.


2. Blend opportunistically to get credible, interesting wines.


3. Aim at a level of pleasant acidity so that the wine can successfully match various food types.

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