Cash back FAQ



What is cash back?

“Cash back” is a reward system that effectively pays consumers to shop! By shopping online through cash back providers, customers can avail of a percentage of their money spent on eligible purchases to be returned to them.


How do I get cash back on

In order to get cash back, you need an account on the cash back providers’ website. Once you do, you can search for “Cellarmasters” on their website to see what current offers are available. When you click the “Shop Now / Activate” offer button you will be linked directly to the Cellarmasters’ site and can shop as normal. Your activity will be tracked by the cash back provider using “cookies”. When you make a purchase, Cellarmasters will advise the cash back provider and the amount of cash back earned will appear in your cash back account. Cellarmasters is not responsible for crediting the cashback amount.


What are “cookies”?

A “cookie” is a text file in the browser files of your computer. They contain tracking information. When you log into the cash back provider’s website and then visit a store, like Cellarmasters, from the links on the cash back provider’s website the cookies will follow your activity. Any purchases made on Cellarmasters after coming from the cash back providers’ website will show the tracking info letting Cellarmasters know that you came from a cash back website. Your purchase information will be shared with the cash back provider who will then credit your rewards account.



What products are not eligible for cash back?

Cash back on Cellarmasters is only available for online purchases. Increased cash back offers may not be available for the following brands and/or products, and standard cash back rates will apply: Barossa Old Vine Co, Cullen, Dupperey, Jim Barry The Armagh Shiraz, Johnnie Walker, Krug, Moët & Chandon, Mum’s Block, Penfolds, Piper Heidsieck, Pol Roger, Veuve Clicquot.



Can I get cash back if I use a discount voucher or promo code?

Cash back is separate from and in addition to any other discounts on offer. Vouchers/Unique codes can be used unless stated otherwise in the voucher or campaign terms and conditions. Promotional codes not listed on the cash back provider’s websites may not be eligible for cash back. You’ll need to check the terms and conditions for the particular offer.


Is cash back eligible on orders paid with Wish Gift Cards or Cellarmasters eGift Cards?

Yes! Payments made using Wish Gift Cards or Cellarmasters eGift cards are eligible for cash back. The cash back is calculated after any discounts, taxes and fees.


How long does it take for my cash back to be approved?

It can take up to 75 days for the cash back to be approved and become available for redemption.


How do I redeem my cash back?

Your cash back should appear in your account shortly after you make your purchase, but it won’t be redeemable until it is approved. Once the transaction has been approved by Cellarmasters, the cash back provider will make the cash back redeemable. The cash back can be paid by the provider into your paypal account or directly to your bank account. Cellarmasters is not responsible for crediting the cashback amount.
Please refer to your cash back provider’s Terms and Conditions to learn more about when your cash back will be available.


Why did my cash back get rejected?

There are a few reasons why your cash back may be declined:
• If you did not follow the cash back provider’s guidelines and your transaction is attributed to another website.
• If you use a coupon code that was not advertised on the cash back provider’s website.
• If you have purchased an item that Cellarmasters has deemed ineligible for rewards, which would be stated • in the terms and conditions for that cash back offer.
• If you have cancelled, returned or requested a refund on a transaction.

How can I get my cash back request reviewed?

If you believe that your cash back was rejected in error, you need to contact the cash back provider and request to open a Transaction Query.


Can I get cash back on phone orders?

Cash back is only available through online orders, therefore it will not be available on phone orders.


My order was put on hold, what should I do?

If you get a notice that your cashback was put on hold, you will need to reach out to the cash back provider and request to open a Transaction Query. The query will be investigated with Cellarmasters and the cash back if eligible will be manually set up.


Which cash back partners are affiliated with Cellarmasters?

We partner with many cash back providers, and the list continues to grow! Today, those we have partnered with are:
Cashrewards, Shopback, Honey App, Raiz Invest Australia, Boost Your Super, Concierge Desk, GoCashbackAu, We Shop Smart, SoSure, Kickback, LetyShops, Retail Rewards Club, Stackr.


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