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Frequently asked questions about Cellarmasters


Can I buy Cellarmaster wines at my local bottle shop?

In many cases, yes. And in many cases... no. We have top brands like Penfolds, Yalumba, Tolley and Lindemans. But we also offer an exclusive range of wonderful wines you won’t find in stores – wines that are produced by some of Australia’s leading vignerons and winemakers.

Do I need to be a member to purchase wine from Cellarmasters?

The great thing is, order from us once and you’re automatically a member.

Come on! Am I really saving?

Yes! Yes! And Yes again! Because we don’t have retail stores, our operating costs are lower and we pass those savings on to you. Plus we have excellent long-standing partnerships with winemakers and suppliers, which means we get great deals.

Do your Wine Consultants really know about wine?

You bet they do! We like to choose people that share our passion for wine. Every one of our staff (not just Wine Consultants) goes through extensive wine training covering the history of Australian wine, varietals, regions and more. They learn all about our brands, and they also have regular tastings of new wines so they stay fully up to date. You can be sure when you call and talk with a Cellarmaster Wine Consultant they’ll have the answers to your questions, and if they don’t know, they’ll find out.

What’s the story with freight charges?

We ship wine from around Australia to our warehouse in the Barossa Valley. From there we ship it out to you. That does incur a freight charge and we subsidise that to a large extent, but we can’t entirely. However, rather than hide the freight charge in the cost of the wine we would rather be up front and open.

All wines are fully guaranteed against breakage or loss in transit. A delivery guarantee charge of $1.20 per case (for orders to $6.95 and $8.95-per case delivery zones) or $1.40 per case (orders to all other zones) will be added to your order total and displayed in the checkout screen.

Will I be locked into a minimum order and end up getting wine I don’t want?

No. Absolutely not. We’ll only ever send you wine you’ve ordered. And we’ll never send unsolicited deliveries. You never have to order from us again if you don’t want to. The choice is always yours.

Will I be bombarded with junk mail?

No way! We hate junk mail, spam and telemarketers making uninvited calls just like everyone else. So we just don’t do it. We’ll give you the choice of how you’d like to be contacted (e.g. catalogue, email or a call from a Cellarmasters Wine Consultant). But it’s always up to you whether you’d like to receive this service.

After the introductory special will I get offered wines I don’t like or that aren’t competitively priced?

In a word, no.

  • » You’ll have access to our entire inventory and a range of offers, both on-line and off.
  • » You have the choice of mixed selections (or straight dozens when you find a wine you love).
  • » You can choose one-off purchases or from our great range of wine plans.
  • » You’re never obligated to buy.
  • » And if you don’t like a wine, our 100% money-back guarantee always applies. No questions asked.

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